Manage all your Marketo integrations with deep, pre-built connectors

  • Connect Marketo to any CRM – unleash Marketo for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, NetSuite, SugarCRM, Zoho, ConnectWise, Pipedrive, PipelineDeals & more
  • Leverage key Marketo features such as Interesting Moments & Revenue Cycle Analytics
  • Manage multi-system integrations including multiple Marketo instances or CRMs
  • Scalable bidirectional sync for your Marketo integrations using Marketo’s REST API
  • Marketo LaunchPoint partner with deep Marketo experience – check out our Marketo Power User series below

We have an aligned sales and marketing process, powered by Marketo & Bedrock Data.
Sushee Perumal CEO | MaxSold

Deep connectors for connecting Marketo to any CRM

Support your Marketo integrations including de-duplicated bidirectional sync, connecting opportunity data, & management of data workflows. Do more than you can with native or generic connectors.
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Featured Connector: Marketo & Eventbrite

Automatically connect Marketo & Eventbrite, syncing contacts and mapping programs & program statuses. Automating Eventbrite data into Marketo programs lets you fully leverage your Eventbrite events in Marketo, without every having to upload a spreadsheet again!

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Leverage key Marketo features such as Interesting Moments & RCA

Our Marketo integrations are tailor built around key Marketo functionality. Leverage Marketo to manage interesting moments rules, and sync those interesting moments as activities to your CRM. And pull back opportunity data from CRM to leverage in your Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics.
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Manage your data flow across multiple Marketo or CRM instances

You may have multiple Marketo or CRM instances due to acquisition or other distributed business structures including multiple divisions. Bedrock Data can help you connect those multiple instances and take out the pain of managing disparate systems.
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Expert Marketo Integrations. Simplified.

The Marketer's Mega Guide to Marketo Integrations

Unite Your Marketing & Sales Teams With Visibility to Data Across Your Systems.

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Why Bedrock Data stands out


No-code integrations

Avoid the complexity of custom development or IT

Up & running in no time

Faster time to value with rapid on-boarding

Unleash key features in connected systems

You're invested in SaaS, you want it to deliver

Multi-directional sync means deep integrations

Keep your data current, consistent & free of duplicates