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Assistant Professor of Marketing & Krewe Member

plus7.pngAs part of our Marketo Power User Series, we sat down with Juli James, Assistant Professor of Marketing for St. Edwards University, to learn about how she got into marketing automation and get her perspective on Marketo best practices.

Zak: You are a Marketo power user but in a unique situation now. Can you share?

Juli: Yes, I’m currently an Assistant Professor of Marketing for St. Edwards University. The university uses Marketo to help recruit new students across all of their courses.  A bit different to the normal use for Marketo, however St. Edwards did win a Revvie in 2015 for Marketing Team of the Year, Business to Consumer.   They were recognized as a Marketo Master for their work targeting prospective students who are starting their higher education search earlier. I have yet to get hands on with Marketo here as they have a dedicated team.

I’m also in the process of setting up my own consultancy business so that I can keep advising and implementing automation strategies to help organizations who use Marketo use it to the best of the platforms abilities.

Zak: What specifically are you up to at St. Edwards?

Juli: As as Assistant Professor I’m teaching students Digital Marketing Theory, and most importantly practical application of tools and technologies that they will be using when they start their careers and progress through the different management levels. Some of courses I teach cover Marketing Automation, Sales and Marketing Alignment, Lead Scoring and Nurturing, Customer Relationship Management, Customer Buyers Journey and Lifecycle and Salesforce Training.

Zak: How did you get into marketing automation?

Juli: When working on my PhD I was researching innovative marketing techniques and came across this thing call ‘Lead Scoring’. After some further digging I learned about how to score leads for different actions they had taken with us. However, with the company I was working for at the time we didn’t have an automation system so I did everything using a spreadsheet and some amazing VLookUp excel formulas!

From there, I moved to a Marketing Agency and wanted to learn more about automation, so I managed to get some clients on board with using Act-On could see how useful and insightful automation tools could be! After using Act-On for a number of months and seeing how useful it was for a number of clients I was excite to learn about other Automation tools and Marketo was ranked as the the best so I took the time to train myself using the Marketo University and all of their excellent resources until I had full access to a Marketo instance and saw what it could really do.

Zak: When did you start using Marketo?

Juli: In 2014 I started working with Marketo when I was at Mitel Networks. I had a great understanding of how Marketo work and some basic use with Marketo, but when I started with Mitel I was the main Admin and User. Working as a Marketing Automation Manager I created, implemented and reported on all campaigns for all global campaigns, including the use of multiple languages, including emails, landing pages, events, webinars, lead tracking and nurturing. It was a baptism of fire but I loved every minute of the role, as tough as it was being the primary Marketo User for such a large global organization.

After working at Mitel for just over a year I decided to move to Cornerstone OnDemand where I was responsible for the automation strategy creation and implementation. This involved being much more creative with how Marketo could be used with dynamic content for 11 different languages, lead scoring, country specific campaigns and comprehensive nurture campaigns.

Zak: What do you see as the main goals for using Marketo?

Juli: In general terms, my main goals for using Marketo are threefold. Number one - to ensure that our leads are getting the right message, at the right time, in the right place. Number two - to help sales realize their revenue goals by providing properly qualified leads that are at the right stage in the decision making process. And number three - to be able to fulfil the Marketing Strategy to its best potential by using as many of the great features that are offered and being able to do some in-depth closed-loop reporting.

Zak: What are some of the top tips you would give to other Marketo users?

Juli: There are many many tips I can think of for other Marketo users, but let me give you three.

Number one is to get sales buy in as soon as possible. Work with the sales team to great lead scoring, MQL thresholds and SLA’s for follow up. With their buy in they are more likely to use the MQL’s you provide them and follow-up on them rather than ignoring them and doing their own prospecting and cold calling.

Number two is to ensure your reporting is relevant and actually what all stakeholders want to see. Don’t baffle them with irrelevant stats just to make yourself look good.

And number three is organize, organize, organize. I hate nothing more than a messy instance, and the first thing I always do in a new instance is ensure all the programs follow the same folder structure and that there is a template program for the most common programs. This makes it so much easier for everyone to follow and find campaigns. Same goes for naming conventions. The more consistent and understandable the better for searching and organizing.

Zak: We came to meet you through the Krewe – can you explain?

Juli: The Krewe is a group of like-minded people who are also great friends! We share ideas, give advice, talk about best practice and general shenanigans on a daily basis. We also run a fortnightly Live #KreweChat on YouTube on Fridays at 3:30ET. This is basically us talking for 30 minutes about the latest Marketo features, hot topics and sometimes even if we just want to learn something new that our other Krewe members might have more information about. We also try to talk about topics that other Marketo users might be experiencing and help solve any myths. We’re up on over 1,000 views per video now, which is amazing news!

We have asked in the community for any suggested topics and are always interesting in finding out what other community users want to know.

Zak: How did you get involved?

Juli: When I first became a Marketo Champion I was a little bit of a loner as I was based in the UK at the time and didn’t really know any other Marketo Users. So on my first Champion Call that we have on a quarterly basis I got to see how intelligent and funny this crazy group of people were. So, I starting following what they were saying on the Community, and I think it was Joe said that at Summit everyone was welcome to hang out with him and the Krewe, so I kind of tagged along at my first Summit. I remember first meeting everyone face to face after I got to the hotel after an 20 hour delayed flight and then 11 hours in the air and 2 hours waiting in immigration, so I was a little flustered and tired, but they were all lovely and welcoming and made me feel much more at ease.

It all went from there really. As I said before we all talk on a daily basis and they are now a great group of friends and my first port of call for any Marketing or Marketo questions.

Zak: What's next for you with the Krewe?

Juli: Well, I think it’s just onwards and upwards for the Krewe. We have submitted a session for Summit 2017 where we are hoping to host a live #KreweChat with the audience asking us questions. As Champions I think that it’s important to share our knowledge with other Marketo Users. We’re Champions for a reason and want to help where we can.

We have the next few months of KreweChats lined up already, but if any readers have any suggestions or topics they want to know more about we’re always happy to receive those.

It would be great if we can keep the ‘Champion of the Year’ Revvie within the Krewe, or even to win one as part of the Nations Choice. So we’ll be working even hard to increase our visibility and following.

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