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Marketo Tips from the newest member of the Krewe

plus7.pngAs part of our Marketo Power User Series, we sat down with Sydney Mulligan, Senior Marketing Operations Analyst at Phreesia, to learn about how she got into marketing automation and get her perspective on Marketo best practices.

Zak: Can you start by telling us about Phreesia?

Sydney: Phreesia is the nation’s leader in patient intake management. By leveraging the power of self-service, Phreesia’s innovative platform provides a modern, consistent patient experience, while enabling healthcare organizations to optimize their staffing and enhance clinical care. 

Zak: And what is your role?

Sydney: I am a Senior Marketing Operations Analyst, which is two roles rolled up into one – so I head up both marketing operations and analytics.

In both of these roles I live and breathe Marketo.

Zak: Have you structured that with the rest of the marketing team?

Sydney: My responsibility is overall coordination. We have marketing managers responsible for building out their own programs.

My responsibility is to give them the tools they need to be successful. So this includes setting up global marketing programs, the lead scoring and program templates, and then training them on how to use these tools within Marketo.

I create and am creating more standard program templates, so as the marketing managers create programs they are using consistent templates and they don’t need to start from scratch each time.

Zak: What are some of these standard program templates?

Sydney: The key ones are webinars, tradeshows, a basic email program for one off emails, and email drip programs. I also have a list import program that I use for lead imports.

Zak: How did you get into marketing automation?

Sydney: I graduated college a couple years ago, with a double major in Information Technology and Public Relations. I started doing email marketing for a startup in Charlotte, and lead a migration to Marketo.

I then moved to Dude Solutions as a Marketing Automation Specialist. Dude Solutions was much more mature in their instance and utilization of Marketo; there were a couple other power users who took me under their wing and from whom I learned a ton.

Zak: Can you walk me through your process for lead management?

Sydney: We target programs based on the six main software systems we integrate with, and we’ve purchased lists around that for targeting and built out nurture programs.

We use Marketo Sales Insight in Salesforce, and the SDR team views a prioritized list of the hottest leads in the system based on top engagement using the Best Bets from MSI.

Given our target focus we are a great fit for account based marketing best practices, so I’ll be continuing to hone our programs as Marketo releases more account based marketing tools. We are an early adopter of Marketo’s ABM product, and I’m excited to dive into it in particular around how that can help us improve our reporting.

Zak: What other MarTech tools are you using?

Sydney: We also use GoToWebinar for webinars and Litmus for email deliverability testing.

Zak: What are some of the key reports you are reviewing each day, week, month?

Sydney: We look at opportunities generated, and what % of the pipeline marketing has touched and the number of touches. We are looking at the top acquisition programs in driving pipeline to see where we are making an impact.

Zak: What tips do you have for other Marketo users?

Sydney: Period cost is a key concept to get right, ensure you are managing that data point as it’s going to be what powers how you view costs in your Revenue Cycle Analytics reports.

I’m also a big advocate of consistent naming conventions, as Marketo pre-pends the programs name for any local asset you create.

Zak: We came to meet you through your Krewe, after interviewing Joe Reitz. How did you become part of the Krewe?

Sydney: It’s an interesting story. The Krewe all met each other at the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit a couple years back, except for me. I met Joe in the Marketo Community and kind of interjected myself into his group.

We started messaging back and forth in the Community, and he then invited me to be a guest speaker for the #KreweChat. It went well and they kept inviting me back, and eventually they inducted me as an official member.

Zak: So you must have gotten all kinds of great perks and benefits?

Sydney: (Laughs) Well, the main perk is being part of the Slack Channel. Although for me that is actually a nice benefit. Because I’m the only Marketo admin and power user at my company, it’s great to have a group of experts to go to in order to bounce around ideas or get input. I came from a company that had multiple Marketo power users but now I’m the only one, so the Krewe gives me a group I can reach right out to for feedback.

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