Connect multiple Marketo or CRM instances

  • Connect multiple Marketo instances and/or multiple CRMs
  • Manage rules for data sync & workflows across instances, without requiring any coding 
  • Scalable bidirectional sync for Marketo integrations using Marketo's REST API
  • Leverage key Marketo features such as Interesting Moments & Revenue Cycle Analytics 
  • Marketo LaunchPoint partner with deep Marketo experience - see Marketo Power User series below


Take away the complexity of multiple Marketo or CRM instances

Working across multiple Marketo or CRM instances can cause great complexity for marketing & operations teams. Take away the complexity by aligning your data across the systems so that you don’t get plagued by data conflicts or duplicates.


De-duplicate data across multiple instances

Our bidirectional integration will connect and de-duplicate data across multiple instances including leads, companies, opportunities, activities & interesting moments.

This will ensure that you can manage a de-duplicated database to get a true understanding of your database.

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Leverage key Marketo features such as Interesting Moments & Revenue Cycle Analytics

Our Marketo integrations are tailor built around key Marketo functionality.

Leverage Marketo to manage interesting moments rules, and sync those interesting moments as activities to your CRM. And pull back opportunity data from CRM to leverage in your Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics.

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Wizard setup to manage your data mappings & rules

You don’t need coding or a technical background to manage your Marketo integrations. Bedrock Data allow you to map fields across systems and control rules such as system of record for each.

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Our Marketo-CRM Object Mappings



Company (Read, Create, Update)
Company or Account


Lead (Read, Create, Update)
Lead or Contact


Opportunity (Read, Update)
Opportunity or Deal


Activity (Create)
Activity or Task


Interesting Moment (Read)
Activity or Task

Read = Bedrock Data can pull data for use in another system
Create = Bedrock Data can create a new record in this system
Update = Bedrock Data can update existing records in this system

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