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Integrate Eventbrite and Marketo to align your events & marketing automation

  • Robust, pre-built Marketo-Eventbrite connector using Marketo's REST API
  • Automatically connect Marketo & Eventbrite, syncing contacts and mapping programs & program statuses
  • Marketo program sync allows you to leverage key Marketo features such as smart lists & revenue cycle analytics tied back to your Eventbrite events
  • Marketo LaunchPoint partner with deep Marketo experience - check out our Marketo Power User series below


Automatically feed Eventbrite registrant data into Marketo

Bedrock Data automatically feeds Eventbrite registrant data into Marketo - either creating new leads if they do not exist, or updating existing records.

This data syncs every five minutes to keep your Marketo data current with the latest Eventbrite activity. That’s right, no more spreadsheet uploads!


Map your Eventbrite events & Marketo programs

Through the Bedrock Data interface, you can map your Eventbrite events to your Marketo programs, and specific Eventbrite activities such as registration or cancellation to your Marketo program statuses.

For example, when a person registers for an Eventbrite event, they will be automatically added as a member of that program with a program status of registered.
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Use Marketo smart lists for visibility into events

With your Eventbrite data automatically in your Marketo programs, you can use smart lists for a current view into whose registered for the event.

This data is automatically and continuously updated from Eventbrite to Marketo.

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Leverage Marketo programs for event follow-up & reporting

You can also then leverage Marketo for event follow-up to your lists for Eventbrite.

Build automated confirmation or follow-up emails into your Marketo program flows, targeting the registrants automatically fed from Eventbrite.

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Our Eventbrite-Marketo Object Mapping



Attendee (Read)
Person (Read, Create, Update)


Event (Read)
Program (Add To)

Event Status

Order (Read)
Program Status (Update)

Read = Bedrock Data can pull data for use in another system
Create = Bedrock Data can create a new record in this system
Update = Bedrock Data can update existing records in this system

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Marketo-Eventbrite Integration Walkthrough

Take a tour of our Marketo-Eventbrite integration in this video

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