Connect Eventbrite & NetSuite without a single line of code

  • Pre-built Eventbrite-NetSuite connector
  • Certified partner of both NetSuite & Eventbrite 
  • Support for NetSuite, NetSuite CRM & OneWorld
  • Automated mappings for Eventbrite attendees to NetSuite contacts/leads & Eventbrite orders to NetSuite calendar events


Automatically create & update leads & contacts in NetSuite from Eventbrite

Use our pre-built connector to push your Eventbrite leads to NetSuite. These records will be automatically de-duplicated in NetSuite; if they already exist in NetSuite as leads or contacts, they will be updated. Or, they will be created as new records.


Get visibility to Eventbrite orders as NetSuite calendar events

Once an Eventbrite order is processed, it will be pushed to NetSuite and displayed as a NetSuite calendar event for that contact. This gives your sales team visibility to a contact’s participation in each event being managed through Eventbrite.

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Use NetSuite searches to create contacts lists based on the events

Use NetSuite searches to segment contact lists based on event participation using the Eventbrite data. This allows you to build a list of all participants for a specific event, to target via NetSuite.

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Manage your Eventbrite-NetSuite mappings via the Bedrock Data interface

You can map each Eventbrite event to NetSuite using the Bedrock Data interface. Point and click to manage your integration – no code, development or NetSuite admins needed!

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Our Eventbrite-NetSuite Object Mapping



Attendee (Read)
Lead (Read, Create, Update)


Attendee (Read)
Contact (Read, Create, Update)


Order (Read)
Calendar Event (Read, Create, Update)

Read = Bedrock Data can pull data for use in another system
Create = Bedrock Data can create a new record in this system
Update = Bedrock Data can update existing records in this system

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Why Bedrock Data stands out


No-code integrations

Avoid the complexity of custom development or IT

Up & running in no time

Faster time to value with rapid on-boarding

Unleash key features in connected systems

You're invested in SaaS, you want it to deliver

Multi-directional sync means deep integrations

Keep your data current, consistent & free of duplicates

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