We designed the Bedrock Data platform with both business users – sales, marketing, support and operations teams – and IT teams in mind.

Business users told us that they want to be able to directly manage their data integrations, and not be bound to IT teams, developers or systems integrators as their business rules change.

As sales & marketing are the lifeblood of revenue, it’s crucial that those teams can adjust their systems and data connections in real time, as business requirements evolve. These teams do not want to kick off an IT request because they have a new CRM field or business rule, or even a new SaaS system as part of their sales and marketing stack. This needs to be managed easily through an integration interface.

Meanwhile IT teams told us that they wanted to stop getting bogged down by one-off requests from the business around SaaS systems and how they are integrated. IT teams have mission critical areas to be focused on, without getting into the weeds around how marketing, sales or support systems are connected.