“The constant, automatic updating of data between our systems saves us time and money. We wouldn't be productive with these systems without Bedrock Data.”


- John Harrington, Transpoco

Our platform helps people in many different roles, including:


Operations Professionals

Bedrock helps operations pros be more efficient by solving the integration problems faced when tasked with keeping their company's data in sync. Example integrations for operations professionals include CRM, Marketing, Finance and Support.

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Marketing Professionals

Marketing folks can automate the transfer of leads to their sales teams, and choose which leads sync to sales based on lead quality or any other criteria. Marketers also benefit from data syncing back and updating their marketing systems, which can result in automated lead nurturing campaigns.

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Sales and Account Management

Your sales team needs to make sure that their lead and contact data is clean, up to date and delivered quickly from the marketing team and website. Account managers can count on support tickets and payments being kept up to date at all times in their CRM or customer management application.

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Customer Service Professionals

Using a customer service or support app like Intercom or Zendesk? Bedrock can make your usage of the data coming from these types of systems much more useful by updating it into your other business systems. For example, we integrate our Intercom data into our CRM to make sure that our sales and support reps know what users are doing in our app at all times.

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We've synced a lot of records for our customers:


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