Bedrock Data keeps your business data integrated, updated and clean.

Product Overview

Connect Your Business Systems

Bedrock Data's platform lets you connect multiple business systems to integrate by using using API or login information.

Most customers start by connecting their CRM and Marketing systems to Bedrock.

Map Fields to Sync

Create custom field mappings that define what data will sync as a part of your Bedrock Data integration.

You can auto-generate your initial field mappings, then add as many custom fields as you'd like.

“Bedrock has helped hundreds of HubSpot customers already, including our INBOUND conference.”


- Kipp Bodnar, HubSpot

Filter Your Data with Workflows

Workflows let you create filters to determine which records should sync as part of your integration.

For example, you can limit which records you'd like to sync from your marketing system or website to your CRM based on lead quality or scoring.

Start Your Continuous Integration

Once you've connected your systems, mapped your fields and setup workflows, you can start your ongoing, continuous integration by clicking the On/Off switch on the dashboard.

You'll be able to choose whether to sync all data, or just on a "go farward" basis.