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At Bedrock Data, we believe that data is much more useful when it can be shared between teams. Using our cloud-based data management and system integrations platform, companies can easily manage their business data across all systems – from marketing, sales, and finance, to support and operations.


For clients who require additional support implementing and managing their integration, Bedrock Data has developed a strategic partnership with Trujay Group. Leveraging Bedrock Data’s integration platform, Trujay Group provides the following services:

  • Business system consulting
  • Integration architecture
  • Implementation
  • Managed services


Working with Trujay Group’s team of integration experts, customers gain ready access to cost-effective, enterprise integration options to meet demanding business requirements, without needing to manage multiple vendors, providers, and consultants.



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About Trujay Group

Trujay Group is a business consulting expert in business systems integration. It integrates SaaS systems with the primary goal of making sure data is available when and where needed – increasing the productivity and effectiveness of your employees. With over 50 years of experience in the enterprise software space, Trujay Group delivers quality integrations between all of the market leading systems including NetSuite, HubSpot,, Pipedrive, Microsoft Dynamics, and over 40 other leading SaaS solutions. For more information about Trujay Group services for Bedrock Data, visit