There are two approaches for leveraging customer data from your SaaS applications.

Our products cater to both scenarios, or a combination. In both cases, our products automatically connect your SaaS applications and fuse normalized data across those applications into a unified data set

#1 - Automatically get consolidated data out of your applications & into a cloud warehouse for analytics

Many customers want to automate the process of getting data out of multiple applications, while matching records, resolving conflicts, and normalizing data.

This approach fuses data from multiple sources into a unified data set, which you can then feed into your business intelligence tools, analytics and dashboards.

That’s our Fusion product --  and it’s available for free trial so you can see for yourself.

A common scenario for Fusion is “We’re using Salesforce, Marketo and ZenDesk, and we need a consolidated data set to feed our reporting and analytics.” Bedrock Data Fuse Sync

#2 - Sync data across applications & get more out of the functionality of those applications

The second method works for customers looking to connect SaaS applications -- CRMs, marketing automation tools, event/webinar systems and/or support applications -- in order to sync data and use data from one SaaS application inside another for visibility, segmentation and reporting across functions.

That’s our Sync product. Given the specific configurations of most CRMs or marketing automation systems, it comes with an on-boarding service to ensure you get your applications working together quickly.

A common scenario for Sync is “We’re using NetSuite and HubSpot, and want to give sales visibility to HubSpot data within NetSuite, and we need HubSpot to use NetSuite data for both segmentation and reporting.”

Sync, Fusion, or Both?

Both products solve challenges of unifying your data. You can use them together, or separately.