Align critical information across & within departments

Our customers’ typical integration use cases for synchronized, de-duplicated data across multiple SaaS systems


Align your revenue team by connecting marketing & CRM

Sales & marketing alignment can often be a challenge, especially when your sales & marketing systems are not aligned.

Connect your data to give sales better visibility into key marketing interactions, enable marketing to more easily target within your CRM databases, connect the dots around full funnel analytics, and much more.

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Connect lead sources such as event & webinar systems to marketing automation & CRM

Events & webinars are two key lead generation drivers. Connecting your event & webinar systems across your marketing & sales stack will save you hours upon hours of manual uploads & eliminate data duplication challenges.

Carry the momentum from your events more immediately into your sales & marketing follow-up, while ensuring you follow up appropriately (e.g. prospect vs. customer vs. partner).

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Connect 3+ SaaS systems to get a unified view of the customer

Businesses now have an average of 12 SaaS systems, which introduces significant issues around misaligned data within & across departments.

Connect all your SaaS systems so your teams can spend less time questioning ‘which data is right?’ and more time taking action on the right data.

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Remove the complexity of managing multiple marketing automation or CRM instances

Multiple marketing automation or CRM instances can be a real headache for marketing, sales & operations teams.

Bedrock Data allows customer to connect those systems, automating the integration while removing the risk of duplicate data – and do so without writing a single line of code.

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