Virtually every business of any size has some unique customized applications. You could want a webinar attendance to trigger your call center two days later. Or you might want an application to generate a customized quote.

The trouble is that building these custom applications demands an enormous amount of effort. You might have to learn the APIs for three different SaaS applications; resolve the data from each into a common schema to create a database; extract data from every application into the database; write a most recently updated rule to handle conflicts; code for continuous detection of changes from all three SaaS applications — all this before you’ve even tested or deployed the custom application to end users.

A fused dataset makes this process a whole lot easier. You just connect your data sources, then let all the matching, de-duplicating, conflict resolution, and modeling take care of itself. In minutes, your warehouse is equipped with a universal schema, and ready to feed SQL data right into your custom applications.