Expert Zoho integrations without a single line of code

  • Pre-built, multi-directional integrations between Zoho CRM and 50+ SaaS systems 
  • No code whatsoever to map data & manage rules for your Zoho integrations
  • Certified Zoho partner with expertise around sales & marketing integrations
  • Expert Zoho integrations for HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot and much more
  • Support for all Zoho CRM editions (Note: we do not current integrate with Zoho Mail)

Bedrock Data makes Zoho better and HubSpot better.
Bill Goulet Senior Vice President | JOHO

Align sales & marketing with an expert Zoho integration

Bedrock Data provides pre-built, expert-level integrations between Zoho CRM and all the top marketing automation systems including HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot & Eloqua.

Your business users can self-manage the integration to make adjustments and ensure key data is synced, enabling your teams to get the most out of a consistent customer and prospect database.

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Provide your sales reps with visibility across systems

Your sales reps want key marketing information on prospects and customers. They don’t want to learn a new interface or have to take extra clicks from Zoho.

Salespeople love Bedrock Data integrations, because they can see the summary data from connected systems - giving them the visibility they need in the interface they are using every day.

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Featured Connector: Zoho + HubSpot

Zoho customers leverage HubSpot for their inbound marketing, digital marketing and marketing automation, while using Bedrock Data for an automated integration between the two systems.

Leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities and tasks sync between systems, to help your sales & marketing teams manage a unified process. Those teams can manage changes to the integration through the Bedrock interface, with no coding required.

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Featured Connector: Zoho + Marketo

Use Bedrock Data for an expert-level, high performing integration between Zoho and Marketo, continually evolved and fully supported by our team. 

In addition to an immediate push of qualified leads, Marketo will have the right Zoho data for nurturing and customer marketing campaigns. Plus, both systems will have the right data to power closed loop reporting using consistent, de-duplicated data.

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Video: Connecting Zoho to Marketing Automation to Drive Growth

Featuring the story of JOHO's HubSpot-Zoho integrations

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